"From my point of view, one of the foci of this gallery is as a venue for students and community members to acquaint themselves with high quality art.  MacDonald epitomizes just that; her creations are incredible."  Paula Gray, Instructor, Mendocino College.  Ukiah Daily Journal, by Karen Rifkin.  Linda MacDonald--Images of a Changing California, 2/13/13

MacDonald advises us to read and look at the world around you and figure out what moves you; this should be your message."  "In MacDonald's hands humor is a powerful tool."  Barbara Shapiro, Political Voices of Four Left Coast Artists, Textile Society of America Symposium, 2012,

"Artist Linda MacDonald works on the edge, both literally and figuratively."  "Her wit and sensitivity have led MacDonald to approach controversial subjects with a sense of humor, defusing some of the tension."  Dot Brovarney, Seeing the Forest and the Trees:  The Art of Linda MacDonald, (Mendocino Arts Magazine, Summer 2010).

"Linda MacDonald experiences the visual evidence of our insatiable consumption daily in her own backyard."  "....MacDonald's palette and animations intrigue one to want to know more about the artist's world:  a landscape that has been highly impacted yet alive and full of humor, with multiple sub-plots or indicators that lead back to us."  Patricia Watts, from the catalog Linda MacDonald:  Stories from the  North Woods, 2010  Gallery Route One, Point Reyes, CA)

"For these pieces she reached into her local community for symbols that represent an ongoing confrontational situation.  The complicated, painful situation is presented (surprisingly, sometimes almost humorously) by symbolic juxtaposition."  Candace Crocket, professor SFSU, Linda MacDonald, The Evolution of An Artist's Imagery,  (Surface Design Journal, Vol. 20 No. 3)